Knowles Precision Devices acquires DITF

Knowles Precision Devices is pleased to announce our acquisition of DITF Interconnect Technology.

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Certified since March 2010
and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018

ISO Cert



Solder Masks

Various methods are available to provide the appropriate solder barrier, enhancing the ease of assembly of the design.  Consult the factory for the optimum method for your design.

1. TiW - DITF can provide a patterned TiW layer on the conductor surface to inhibit solder flow. This method is optimum for fast, lower temperature solders to restrict run out during reflow.

2. Polyimide - DITF provides patterned polyimide as a robust solder flow restrictor. With a thickness of 7um, polyimide can withstand higher temperature solders and provides a good, robust barrier to solder flow.

3. Nickel Oxide - Using DITF's in house plating capability, a Nickel Oxide (NiOx) barrier is created by etching the top surface of gold exposing an underlying layer of Nickel and intentionally oxidizing the Nickel. The result is an extremely rubust solder flow restrictor. Note that this method requires an additional conductor layer below the Nickel layer.


solder barriors


Solder Barriers and Control
1000 Â
160 - 320µ"
*20 - 300µ"
* Plated Nickel thickness
Max. temperature
350°C/60 sec
425°C/60 sec
* limited only by metallization scheme
Min. gap width
Min. conductor overlap
Min. feature width
* Width is equal to conductor width
Distance to circuit edge
* See metal feature to edge criteria
Additive or Subtractive Process
Application side
A side, B side or both
Overall capability
Based on user feedback