Knowles Precision Devices acquires DITF

Knowles Precision Devices is pleased to announce our acquisition of DITF Interconnect Technology.

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Certified since March 2010
and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018

ISO Cert



DITF - Quality

Each of our products is held up to a rigorous quality review process in accord with your specifications and internationally recognized standards of precision. We scrutinize our products in both interim and final inspection so that when we deliver technology to you, it is the best it can be. We believe that our products are only as good as the people that manufacture them. Our employees have state-of-the art technical education and years of experience in thin film technology. Because technology is always changing, we provide internal and external training to keep our staff abreast of the newest developments in the field.

"DITF Quality Assurance"

1. 100% visual inspection to MIL-STD-883

2. First Article Testing available

3. Solderability and wire bondability testing available

4. Revision controlled procedures for all processes

5. ITAR Registered

DITF is selected for the Raytheon - 3 Star /Supplier Excellence Award for the fourth straight year!

Certified since March 2010

ISO Cert

ANAB LogoISO 9001: 2008 provides a set of requirements that must be in place to have a quality management system, regardless of the organization's size, product or service line, or public or private status. Certification to the standard is voluntary, and organizations must complete a rigorous auditing process by a third-party registrar.

While DITF has always maintained the highest quality standards meeting demanding customer, military, and space requirements, this major milestone accomplishment is further evidence of DITF's commitment for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and market expectations for quality and reliability.

DITF's ISO 9001: 2008 certification covers the manufacture of thin film interconnects in wireless and fiber optic telecommunication, CATV, commercial, medical, and military systems among other critical applications.


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